Tuesday, May 26, 2009

His Idea...I Promise!

Winston has been taking piano for three years now. He just loves it...well sometimes. This year at Christmas he asked if he could invite his friends over and have a piano recital. Of course, I said YES!!! So we talked to his precious piano teacher and she worked with him on some songs and he also sang "Away In The Manger"! We then had cookies and cocoa afterwards. It was the most precious thing...his friends were so sweet and he did a great job. I was a proud momma!!!

Here are a few of Winston's friends who came to listen to his sweet music!

This is Winston and his piano teacher, Ms. Mika, playing a duet!

Taking a bow!!


Katy said...

That's sweet.......Logan would die of embarassment.

Sasha said...

How fun! I love the bow at the end.