Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break 2008!

We had a great fall break! My parents came from Enid to help get things done around the house. I actually had the whole break off--so I really enjoyed spending time with the fam. On Wednesday we had Winston's annual heart appointment, which went great! After our trip to see Dr. Ward we always celebrate by going to the zoo. It was a little cold and rainy but it didn't spoil our zoo fun!


morewineplease said...

AHHH! Those pics are really sweet, what a great weekend!

Mika Hinson said...

SOOOO glad his appointment went well. We love that little guy! And we love the Browns. I know you're relieved.

Katy said...

I'm glad to hear your break went well and especially glad to hear that Winston's heart app. went swimmingly! *Yea* for Winston's heart!!!! He has a sweet heart.
Can't wait to see you.

LOVE the pic.of the boys walking holding hands, it is so darn cute!

Mamalicious said...

Oh, that's fun stuff! Hope the new house is coming along!