Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Know It Has Been Awhile!

Ok--I know that I haven't posted in awhile--but I must say that my life has been a little crazy! Ty and I just bought a new house--which I am totally in love with. It makes me want to pinch myself! I would love to show you some pictures--but right now I can't find my charger to my camera. Yes, I know that I am married to a photographer but trying to get him to download pics to the computer so I can put them on here would take a miracle! So when I get some pics I will share.
The boys have been doing great and are keeping me busy. Every night it seems that Winston either has homework or a book to read for school. First grade can be very stressful--for mom anyway. It makes me have to try and stay organized which I am very good about doing in my mind but to actually be organized, I am not! Wyatt is his lil' turkey self. He loves school but still wants me to see him as a "baby"! What is it about those last born children--do they ever stop milking it? I was a last born--and I don't think I did that :)! (I'm sure my parent's are laughing--right now) Well I just wanted to give a little shout out! I am going to try and do better--but when life gets crazy the blog suffers!

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Mamalicious said...

I can't wait to see the new house after you get it all Brown Box'd Up!

What are your HC plans? I posted a blog about my idea for a party. It involves Senior Pictures.

Let me know if you think we can do that on Friday or Saturday night!

Love You Momma!