Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mandisa and Peppermint Rock!

Ok, I am so outta my funk! I just got back this evening from the Women Of Faith Conference and can I just say that there is nothing better then worshiping God. Like Beth Moore says, "Their is no high like the MOST HIGH!!!" I so needed a weekend of girlfriends and God--I can now tackle this holiday season with gusto! The best part of the conference was rocking out with Mandisa! That girl can sing and oh is she such a beautiful woman inside and out. On Friday night she sang Shackles--which makes me dance like you wouldn't believe. That song just gets me pumped up and I love it! The boys and I listen to it a lot, in the car, on the way to school--and when my boys start singing the chorus I just about lose it! (In a good way) Look at these words Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance I just wanna praise you, I just wanna praise you -- You broke the chains now I can lift my hands And I'm gonna praise you I'm gonna praise you!!!!

These words can rock your world if you let them--there is just something about letting Him break those chains and allowing yourself to be free and full of His mighty grace!!! I hope my boys will always remember that--and just sing this AWESOME song!!!!

Also this weekend I was able to do a little Christmas Shopping--which makes me happy! I bought some William Sanoma peppermint hand soap, lotion, counter cleaner, and dish soap--it made me smile! I think I am going to start getting the Christmas decorations out tomorrow! Here is what my purchase looked like--how could I turn it down?

I know the pic is little but you get my drift--it smells so wonderful--I am ready to do some dishes now!


Michelle said...

Oh how fun! I have wanted to go to Women of Faith for a long time now! I bet it was awesome! I love Beth Moore. I love that Shackles song too. It would melt my heart to hear Tate and Luke singing it! Awwwwe! I'm glad you got recharged this weekend!

morewineplease said...

How awesome! Beth is incredible!
My mom emailed me this morning and got tickets for her and I next year! I am so exited!

Katy said...

I should've gone to that for some energizing! I went to a WOF in Dallas....oh, when L was a tiny babe. I loved it!!!
Glad you feel better....

Katy said...

I think I need that peppermint stuff.

Call me

The Brown Box said...

I think I was a little misleading because Miss Beth wasn't at this conference--boohoo! I am going to see her in February though! I can't wait!!!