Friday, October 31, 2008

I Want My MTV!

Ty and I went to a Halloween party last weekend--the pictures say it all!

Happy Halloween-Not!

OK so it is Halloween night and I am home by myself. Now don't feel sorry for me--I am thoroughly enjoying it. Our small community is celebrating Halloween tomorrow night because Halloween fell on a Friday and heaven forbid it interfere with high school football. With that being said the boys went to the game with their dad--so I am getting some mommy time! Love it!
Today was the day from H-E-L-L! We had school parties and then a school fundraiser thingy tonight. Wyatt was a little "devil" today. He started the day off by pooping in his pants, on the way to school--in his costume. We had to stop by the store and clean him up. He had to go commando to school! Then because it was Halloween I let him come to the store with me after his party--well that was a mistake. (That is what I get for being nice!) He was being such a brat. Nothing made him happy! I felt like I was running around like a crazy mad woman. Anyway, I did get some pictures so I will leave you with my Pirate and Magician! Hopefully tomorrows pics will be better since our "real" halloween isn't till tomorrow--isn't that crazy!!!!!!
Isn't that the cutest cat you have ever seen!

My handsome magician!

My cute pirate--even when he is being a little turkey!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great Pumpkin!

I know it really isn't a creative title--but I am really not in a creative mood! I did want to share with you some pics of the family carving pumpkins the other night. It was really fun--and we got to carve them on the new deck! (well new to us) It was really neat! Oh, and this was my very first time to carve a pumpkin--can you believe it--32 years old and never carved a pumpkin. Sad, I know!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break 2008!

We had a great fall break! My parents came from Enid to help get things done around the house. I actually had the whole break off--so I really enjoyed spending time with the fam. On Wednesday we had Winston's annual heart appointment, which went great! After our trip to see Dr. Ward we always celebrate by going to the zoo. It was a little cold and rainy but it didn't spoil our zoo fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missy--Come Home!

I wanted to share with you a story Ty wrote about Missy. He wrote this for our Sunday School Forum!

The transition to town has been good for everyone except Missy the 6 year old family beagle. All was fine and she enjoyed the new confinements of the large fenced backyard - until - she discovered squirrels. Then there was no keeping her in. Yes, this is the same Missy you read about in January that Barry breathed the breath of life back into after she suffered a horrendous cut while we were gone on vacation. Well, Wednesday night on the way to church she had gotten out and since she had roamed free for the last several years I figured she would be fine until we got back. Uh oh, Dad made a bad call. That was the last time we saw Missy. Wyatt was convinced that she was on an extended rabbit hunting trip but Winston thought otherwise. Wednesday turns to Thursday then Friday and no sign. The boys were going to my parents for the weekend and as they load up in the truck Winston says to me Daddy I'm starting to worry about Missy she's never stayed away this long. Uh…have fun at Meme and Pa’s see you Sunday!I drove the neighborhood, Christy drove back to the old house, I called PAWS, I checked the newspaper but no sign of Missy. Went to go pick up the boys in Mayberry Sunday and my mom says that Winston just hasn’t been himself this weekend, he’s been really quiet but isn’t sick. As soon as we roll into the drive he opens the gate to the yard only to see his lifelong friend has not returned. Then on the way to small group that night he asks the question I can no longer avoid. “Daddy where’s Missy?” Uh…. As I try to fabricate another encouraging story my beautiful bride gives me the “you gotta tell him elbow”. So we broke it to him that Missy probably wasn’t coming back. The BIGGEST alligator tears in the history reptilian tears come streaming down his cheeks and he didn’t say a word. All this while Wyatt is trying to make it better with “Don’t worry Winston she’s just off huntin’ rabbits”, “Why’s Winston crying”, “Don’t worry Winston she's a fighter won’t no bad guys get her, she’ll bite em’” A new Monday morning rolls around and even the first day at school in the new Cub Scout uniform is not cheering him up. This boy is in full blown depression. Christy calls me after dropping him off at school pleading for me to do something. What’s a dad to do, the pooch is gone, she was my friend too! I did drive him in my 73 International Scout to Cherokee, OK in the snow when he was one year old to pick her up. Carried her in the house in the pocket of my coat actually. I’m a little sad myself but what’s a dad to do? Replacement dog! Just so happens I’m talking to a friend on the phone that has a 3 year old house broke dog, good with kids that she’s trying to find a home for. So, I make the arrangements to test drive the “animal”. As my uncle used to say about bird dogs, “don’t call them a dog until they prove it first…right now it’s just an animal.” I hang up the phone as a co-worker flips me the Ada Evening News, that in all its glory including the rubber band floats to my desk like a waterfowl down feather, and she says to me, “it’s your last shot to find Missy.” I’m thinking if there’s nothing in the Thursday, Friday, or Sunday paper there’ll definitely be nothing in Monday’s. I flip to the back to the classifieds, which consequently were on page 2 I believe, and lo and behold what to my wondering eyes doth appear but “Found – Older Female Beagle in Norris Hills – Call…”)! Holy Cow or something of that nature spews from my mouth. I call the elderly lady that lives around the corner who found Missy as she came wondering up to play with her grandson last week. She kept her for a day then called PAWS to come get her. PAWS? Huh, I called PAWS on Friday. Anyway…I had just missed her when I called on Friday and apparently the lady who took my information has a severe case of short term memory loss because she never called me back like she said if they brought in an older spotted beagle. I Jumped in the truck and lit out to positively identify my dog at the “Daisy Hill Puppy Mill.” A PAWS escort takes me out back to show me the lineup. Her: Your dog? Me: Nope that a Rottwieler. Her: Your dog? Me: Nope that’s a Chihuahua. Her: Your dog? Me: Nope, are sure that’s a dog? Then my ears hear a familiar song that only a beagle owner can appreciate. Baawwww bawwwww bawwwww…that’s my dog! Her: Oh that’s yours; well she’s been here since Friday. We had her prepped and ready for adoption. Me: What’s that mean? Her: It means we need $60 if you want that dog. Me: Lady, you know Dave Ramsey? Her: You know any brokenhearted crying 7 year old boys? Me: Who do I make the check out to? Christy called me later as she and Missy picked Winston up from school. She said the look on his face was priceless. I hoped she would say it was a smile worth $50 and I’d go back and try to retrieve $10 bucks from the forgetfully gifted puppy mill, but I let it go. Anyway…Missy the friendly family countryside and neighborhood beagle has just taken up residence with the cat in the house. An idea that I never thought I would EVER hear come off the lips of my animal tolerant wife. She likes them, but their only in the house because the site of a depressed Cub Scout in uniform is more than a mom can bear. We even came strolling in last night and Christy had given Missy a bath, dried her, brushed her and had her ready for bed. Oh what we’ll do for our children.I have to go now, Missy’s tugging my pants leg, I think Winston has fallen down a well…

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Missy!

Today we had to tell Winston and Wyatt that our dog, Missy, was missing. We haven't seen her since Wednesday--so it doesn't look good. She was doing so good staying in the back yard till she saw that sticking squirrel. Then she started digging out and now she is gone. At our old house she could just rome and hunt because we lived out in the country, but now being in town I have a feeling she either got hit or is lost.

Poor Winston just cried and cried. He has known her all of his life and loves her so much. I couldn't stand to watch those big tears run down his cheeks. Wyatt kept saying, "Why, is brother crying? Missy will come back or the city will bring her back, right daddy? She can bite bad people who want to take her, right daddy?" He was just saying anything to try and make his brother stop crying. It was really sweet.

These life lessons are so hard. I hate it--so I think in about a month we will probably be getting another dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Need My Diet Coke!

Why is it every morning my body craves a Diet Coke? It is so strange. I'll I need is one sip to get me going but I have to have it! I love the way it burns as it trickles down my throat--I swear I really do. Not to mention that I am a bear if I can't have one in the morning (just ask the boys). I guess that I am addicted. I have been drinking some form of "pop" in the morning since I was in junior high--that is almost 20 years. Can you say crazy! I tried to give it up last year for a bible study I was doing-um, it lasted for about 2 weeks (I think that is pretty good). I wish I wanted water instead but I don't. What would I do if we went back into the great depression (you know I had to throw that in there because if you watch the media that is where we are headed) and I couldn't have my Diet Coke in the morning--I just might die! Do you have a morning addiction--or am I just all alone in this? I would love to hear--I don't like to be the only crazy person out there!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Know It Has Been Awhile!

Ok--I know that I haven't posted in awhile--but I must say that my life has been a little crazy! Ty and I just bought a new house--which I am totally in love with. It makes me want to pinch myself! I would love to show you some pictures--but right now I can't find my charger to my camera. Yes, I know that I am married to a photographer but trying to get him to download pics to the computer so I can put them on here would take a miracle! So when I get some pics I will share.
The boys have been doing great and are keeping me busy. Every night it seems that Winston either has homework or a book to read for school. First grade can be very stressful--for mom anyway. It makes me have to try and stay organized which I am very good about doing in my mind but to actually be organized, I am not! Wyatt is his lil' turkey self. He loves school but still wants me to see him as a "baby"! What is it about those last born children--do they ever stop milking it? I was a last born--and I don't think I did that :)! (I'm sure my parent's are laughing--right now) Well I just wanted to give a little shout out! I am going to try and do better--but when life gets crazy the blog suffers!