Thursday, July 10, 2008

It Can't Last Forever!

Well, bliss can't last forever! The boys are home and our house is back to chaos! This is how crazy it is--about 30 minutes ago I hear Winston saying, "You can't do that! I am telling!" Here he comes running to me and I just wave him on to his dad. (I am in Pre-PMS if you know what I mean) This is what I hear next from Tyson, "Wyatt, come here! Right now, Wyatt! You cannot bite your brother on the pee, pee. I don't care that you were wrestling, we do not bite anybody on their pee, pee. Stop laughing, Wyatt. Do you understand me?" Then Wyatt says in his baby voice, "Yes, sir." Boys--I really don't understand them. Just when I think that I have them figured out they go and literally act like animals! Let me just say that everyday in this house is interesting.
On a lighter note--my wonderful mother figured out how to email me pictures. Ya, for Nana! She sent me some pics of the boys while they were visiting Enid--so I had to share. They look like they had a great time. Being with Nana and Papa is so much fun. Don't you remember those days of staying with Grandparents~there is nothing like it!


Mika Hinson said...

Oh the stories we could tell about our boys! They provide lots of entertainment, don't they!

I'm glad your boys are home...and I'm glad their parents are home, too! We've been missing the Browns.

Great pics! Go Nana!

Amy said...

I'm wondering what my little boy will be into when he gets older?!?!

The Bo. Family said...

Oh my gosh, that story made me LOL! :) Too funny. I hope Jakey doesn't ever do that... lol

Mamalicious said...

Nana Rocks My Face Off.

Seriously, I had none of that with Grandparents and I bask in the love that my girls share with both sets of grandparents. It is adorable.