Monday, July 7, 2008

Ready To Be A Mom, Again!

Did my title make you think I am pregnant--well I am NOT! The boys have been visiting my mom and dad since last Monday. I am going to meet my mom in Edmond tomorrow to pick them up. It has been a really nice break but I am ready for them to come home. Ty and I went to the lake--just the two of us--and had a great time. We really enjoyed being with each other but now I am ready to see those two little rascals. There is something about little boy sweat, dirty fingernails, "gross" talk, and sweet slobbery kisses that I just miss. Being a mom of boys is something that is just hard to explain--but I love it tremendously! Tomorrow can't get here soon enough because they will be so excited to see me! See, right now they think I hung the moon and that is the best feeling of all!


Mika Hinson said...

So no piano today, I take it? ;)

I know you're ready to see them! I can't imagine BOTH boys being gone that long...makes me nervous just THINKING about it! And I know they miss y'all, too.

Glad you enjoyed your time together, though...that is so precious.

Amy said...

Wow! A whole week to yourself... I can't imagine that kind of time. I know you're glad they're back!

Mamalicious said...

You are missed at Little Glasses. Please tell Ty that Ken missed him. This is something my dad never does (make a new friend), but he is totally about Tyson and Christy and the boys.

I won't be there this weekend, but I will be there the next. We need some dock swimming action.