Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lemonade Success!

Winston had his 2nd annual lemonade stand, at the Ada sidewalk sale. It was a huge success! Last year he wanted to do a lemonade stand so I told him that was possible but he would not be able to keep his money. I explained to him how important it was for us to give to others and that he needed to give the money he raised to someone or something. After much thought, he decided that he wanted to give the money to PAWS--which is the dog and cat shelter here in Ada. Well, last year he raised around $70 so this year he set his goal at $100. HE MADE IT! I was so proud of him. He worked really hard. He sold lemonade from 7:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. with the help of his little brother. I found Wyatt to be a very persistent seller. He would walk up to the customers and say, "You want to buy some lemonade? Why don't you want lemonade? You don't want our lemonade? Momma, why won't they buy our lemonade?" Finally the customer would feel so guilty they would just give him money! Gotta love a cute and bold four year old! The boys are visiting their Nana and Papa but when they get back we will go to the shelter and give them the money! Teaching kids to give is important--hopefully it is something that these boys will always do!

Winston selling lemonade to Morgan.

Winston coloring in his goal chart!

Winston reaching his goal!

His cute lemonade stand!


Amy said...

The lemonade stand is so cute! Good for him to work hard and donate all the money.

Mika Hinson said...

Winston is such a good boy! And you are wonderful parents! On a side note, Noah drank a lot of that lemonade...and now he's sick....we want our money back.... ;) Just kidding! Have a great week!

Mamalicious said...

Those are some good boys you have! I would take one of them in one sweet second!

Morgan said...

i made the pic!