Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lemonade Success!

Winston had his 2nd annual lemonade stand, at the Ada sidewalk sale. It was a huge success! Last year he wanted to do a lemonade stand so I told him that was possible but he would not be able to keep his money. I explained to him how important it was for us to give to others and that he needed to give the money he raised to someone or something. After much thought, he decided that he wanted to give the money to PAWS--which is the dog and cat shelter here in Ada. Well, last year he raised around $70 so this year he set his goal at $100. HE MADE IT! I was so proud of him. He worked really hard. He sold lemonade from 7:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. with the help of his little brother. I found Wyatt to be a very persistent seller. He would walk up to the customers and say, "You want to buy some lemonade? Why don't you want lemonade? You don't want our lemonade? Momma, why won't they buy our lemonade?" Finally the customer would feel so guilty they would just give him money! Gotta love a cute and bold four year old! The boys are visiting their Nana and Papa but when they get back we will go to the shelter and give them the money! Teaching kids to give is important--hopefully it is something that these boys will always do!

Winston selling lemonade to Morgan.

Winston coloring in his goal chart!

Winston reaching his goal!

His cute lemonade stand!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends For Life!

Today Winston and I were pulling up in the drive way from a hard days work and out runs Wyatt. He was smiling from ear to ear while running towards the car. (which isn't safe--let me say!) I thought to myself, "Oh, what a precious boy-he can't wait to see his momma!" I stopped the car and with his big grin and blond curls he yells, "Winston! You want me to help you?" No hey mom--love you mom--what's up mom--can I help you mom?! He just wanted Winston! I had to finally say, "Can mommy have a kiss?" Which he so kindly gave with a swift jerk and then he was off to see what his big brother was up to. Oh, I really can't complain--they are the best of friends which is just the way I dreamed it would be!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Slumber Party!

I told the boys last week that, on Friday, they could stay up late and have a slumber party! (Ty says that you don't call it a slumber party--but a sleep over--or at least that's what boys call it!) Anyway, I said that they could stay up all night and watch movies. We went to Wal-Mart and they picked out the junk food that they wanted to gorge themselves on and then we went to Blockbuster and they picked out 2 movies each. Boy, were they going to have a great night. They were so excited! I have to admit that I am a cool mom but I kind of did this so I could have some time to myself and it worked. They pretty much stayed in their room watching movies while working on getting cavities! Wyatt was the first to crash in our bed and then Winston found himself in there at one in the morning! All in all, I think it was a memory making night!

Ty made the tent~Dad is so cool!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It Can't Last Forever!

Well, bliss can't last forever! The boys are home and our house is back to chaos! This is how crazy it is--about 30 minutes ago I hear Winston saying, "You can't do that! I am telling!" Here he comes running to me and I just wave him on to his dad. (I am in Pre-PMS if you know what I mean) This is what I hear next from Tyson, "Wyatt, come here! Right now, Wyatt! You cannot bite your brother on the pee, pee. I don't care that you were wrestling, we do not bite anybody on their pee, pee. Stop laughing, Wyatt. Do you understand me?" Then Wyatt says in his baby voice, "Yes, sir." Boys--I really don't understand them. Just when I think that I have them figured out they go and literally act like animals! Let me just say that everyday in this house is interesting.
On a lighter note--my wonderful mother figured out how to email me pictures. Ya, for Nana! She sent me some pics of the boys while they were visiting Enid--so I had to share. They look like they had a great time. Being with Nana and Papa is so much fun. Don't you remember those days of staying with Grandparents~there is nothing like it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ready To Be A Mom, Again!

Did my title make you think I am pregnant--well I am NOT! The boys have been visiting my mom and dad since last Monday. I am going to meet my mom in Edmond tomorrow to pick them up. It has been a really nice break but I am ready for them to come home. Ty and I went to the lake--just the two of us--and had a great time. We really enjoyed being with each other but now I am ready to see those two little rascals. There is something about little boy sweat, dirty fingernails, "gross" talk, and sweet slobbery kisses that I just miss. Being a mom of boys is something that is just hard to explain--but I love it tremendously! Tomorrow can't get here soon enough because they will be so excited to see me! See, right now they think I hung the moon and that is the best feeling of all!