Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday My Baby!

Dear Wyatt,

Today is your 4th birthday! Where has the time gone? You are growing so fast. From the moment you were born you have had a mind of your own. You are what some would call a "strong willed child" but I prefer to say that you are confident. Being your mother these past four years has been an adventure. Here are some things about you!
*You love being a cowboy. You think you are a real cowboy! Sometimes it really wears me out because you only want to wear boots, wranglers, button up shirts, and a belt. BUT that is who you are.
*You are a great eater. You usually will try anything--especially if it makes you look tough.
*You love your Pa and Papa. You talk about them alot and really enjoy being in the presence.
*Your best friend is your brother. You guys do bicker some--but most of the time you are best buds.
*You either wake up in a really, really good mood--or you are just plain mad. If you are mad everyone just has to get out of your way!
*You love to watch John Wayne movies.
*When you fall and bang yourself up--you tell people that a bull did it!
*You can make the best realistic horse sound I have ever heard. It is really loud!
*When you get mad sometimes you say that the devil is in your heart. Which usually follows with a good mouth washin.
*You say, "I love mommy, I love daddy, I love Winston, I love everyone in the whole
wide world!"
Wyatt you are a blessing and I love you very much! Happy Fourth Birthday!

Love, Mommy

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The Schlup Family said...

Found your blog on Mika's. I enjoyed reading your posts. Happy Birthday, Wyatt!