Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Visit From Lexie!

My niece came and spent the night with us Tuesday night! I loved having her around. She loves and I mean LOVES working at the store. My brother got a divorce about 10 years ago and since that time I really don't get to see my beautiful nieces very much. They live about three hours away(or at least that is how far Lexie said it was) with their mom so the times I see them are slim. When my brother was married to their mom (my other niece is 3 years older then Lexie) we all lived in the same town--so I saw them all the time. I loved getting to be a part of their lives. They were the most precious little girls and such a big part of my life. There usually wasn't a day that I didn't go see them or talk to them on the phone. Then the divorce happened. Divorce is STINKY! It changed everything. Their mom remarried and they moved away and the days of getting to spend quality time with them was gone. I used to get really sad about it--but it is just a part of life. Since both my brother and their mom have remarried the girls have a ton of family who adore them. But for me, and this is me being selfish, I miss them being here with me! Now I have to share--and I do mean share because I see them probably 3 times a year. I feel like I have missed their childhood. Why does divorce have to be so rotten? When people get divorced I don't think they realize how it affects all family members, especially when children are involved. Anyway, Lexie was a joy to have and I know that she is happy. Her mother has done a great job raising her and my brother is a good dad. He loves them very much--so I know if I feel this and I am their aunt--then I know he has truly missed being with them on a daily basis. Well I have rambled enough. Thank you sweet Jesus for giving me that special time with her--it meant the world to me!

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Mika Hinson said...

It was great to meet Lexie. I can tell you have a powerful influence in her life. She's lucky to have her Aunt Christy.

Divorce DOES stink...well said. Makes me want to work extra hard on my marriage. Thanks for the reminder, girl! ;)