Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Am Going To Win This Battle!

Last night Tyson cooked shepherds pie. If you have never had it--it consists of hamburger meat mixed with any vegetable (he chose peas, green peppers and green beans) and then it has mashed potatoes on top with melted cheese. It is really good. Well anyway, Winston decided that he didn't want to eat his dinner because he just can't stand vegetables. He picked around at it and tried dipping just the meat into ranch. Well I decided that he really needed to learn to eat what is fixed and most importantly to eat something besides JUNK! He is the worst eater. So I told him that he had to eat what was on his plate. Well let me just say that did not set well with Mr. WC. He growled at me. So I looked at him with the mother glare and sent him to his room. While he was in his room, he kept growling(which is really comical if you are not a part of the battle) and then started throwing his pillows. I was so shocked by his behavior. I could see Wyatt acting like this but not Winston. I calmly walked into his room and told him that I didn't appreciate the way he was acting and that he wouldn't be able to go to the swim party that was later on in the evening. Oh boy did he go crazy. I then asked him what I had done to make him act this way--of course he couldn't tell me. All I wanted him to do was eat his dinner. Well to make a long story short--he finally calmed down and decided to finish his dinner. You should have seen it. He put about a cup of ranch on the shepherds pie and then gagged and shook his head with every bite. BUT guess what? I won this battle because he cleaned his plate. I did allow him to go to the party, which I still am debating about with myself, but I felt bad punishing Wyatt when he ate his dinner. (Ty was taking pictures) I tell you this parenting stuff can be tricky--I can't wait to see what dinner is like tonight!


Junior said...

Christy, that is a great story. I bet he gets some of that from Rana. Glad you figured out how to win that battle, I'm still trying to figure it out myself.--Brent

Mamalicious said...

We have limited cuisine at the 'Licious Dwelling. It consists of the nutrients that are found in: corn dogs, grilled cheese, pizza, cheese puffs, and once in a great moon: beans and corn bread.

That's ok, right?


The Schlup Family said...

I am lucky to have a son that eats just about anything. But I know from Kyndal that the veggies can be a struggle. I know some of my friends have used the Deceptively Delicious book. It is some work but you kind of sneak the veggies in. Might be worth checking out at the library. I saw it there last week.

Jennifer said...

Hey Christy! I'm so glad I found your blog! I didn't know your husband was doing photography. I saw Jenny's little girl's pictures, but I didn't quite put it together till I was in your store Friday to get a pedicure and saw the display. I'll have to have him do some pictures of the kiddos once Tommy gets here. He does a great job!

Sounds like you guys have the same battles we have with Sarah! We're really, really trying to get it through her head that she needs to eat what she's given, especially because with the baby on the way I'm certainly not going to be cooking her special meals! Yesterday all she ate at daycare was cinnamon toast for breakfast and jello later, because apparently lunch was BBQ sandwiches that "looked like pig slop!" according to her!

Jennifer said...
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