Friday, June 6, 2008

Texoma Here We Come!

Today we are going to the lake. The boys can hardly stand it. They have been driving us crazy asking, "How many more days till we go?" Our good friends own a marina on lake Texoma and are kind enough to let us come and use all their toys and dock. The boys love it! It really is the perfect place to go and let boys be boys. Our friends son,GB, loves for the boys to be there too. They are all around the same age and they just swim, fight, eat, fight, ride in golf cart, fight, play and then fight some more. They are like brothers. I feel blessed that we have such great friends. This family has been in our lives for a long time and I couldn't ask for better friends. They truly are what I would call "givers"! You know the kind of people that just give without even thinking twice. That is them!
Also, my in-laws just bought a new travel trailer and they are allowing us to use it. I feel bad because they haven't even tried it out yet. I am so thankful that they are letting us do that because I love going to the lake but I am not a "camper"! I want to be able to go to a place and cool down but most importantly I want to use the restroom in private. It is a really nice trailer. I pray that nothing happens to it, on our watch.
Well, I am off to work but I will post pics of our adventure when we get back!

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