Monday, June 16, 2008

Lake Trip Number Two!

Well, we survived another week at the Lake. The boys had a blast. I seem a little more tired with each trip, why is that? Going somewhere for the weekend is not an easy task. You pack, unpack, pack back up and then unpack when you get home. All I did was pack and unpack. The joys of traveling! Here are some highlights from the adventure!
The boys had their first outdoor shower! Oh Fun!

True Brotherly Love, Oh Brother!

They love to go for rides on the Sea Doo ( I don't know if I spelled that right)

Winston would have me call out an animal and then he would jump of the dock like he was that animal! Here he is being some kind of bird--but I don't remember what!

This is our friends son chillin' in the water!

1,2,3 JUMP!

Couldn't resist showing off those beautiful blue eyes!

Winston is a fish! He would stay in the water all day if we would just stay there and watch him!


Mika Hinson said...

Looks like lots of fun! Great pictures.

Mamalicious said...

This lake shiz is not easy. We didn't get home until 8pm tonight. LLM talked all the way home and cried for Papalicious. I told you there was no sleeping allowed in the 'Licious car.